About Kelsey Ray Banerjee

My passion lies in creating content for education, health, blockchain, and IT companies. I believe that sharing information creates meaningful business relationships and a loyal customer base.

In the past, I have taught English and practiced front-end web design using HTML5/CSS3 and WordPress. I specialize in writing easy-to-read content for companies – whether you need a professional white paper or a tweet.

Under the guidance of mentors at the University of Tennessee I crafted a major to focus on linguistics, translation, and writing.

What Clients Are Saying

  • “Kelsey is a professional with a fantastic work ethic. She is a pleasure to work with and I am so pleased with the work she’s done for Black Chateau. She is a creative writer and she truly understands the tasks given to her and is able to deliver great ideas time and time again.
    She is prompt, highly-organized, and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Kelsey.”

    Headshot of Desiree Duffy, Founder of Black Chateau Enterprises, a marketing agency for authors.

    Desireé Duffy, Founder of Black Château Enterprises

  • “I would trust this woman with my life just about. Incredible attention to detail, incredible insight. She was humble enough to research and add her footnotes in for me, I couldn’t thank her enough. Kelsey, you’re the real MVP, everyone hire this woman!”

    Lathan Craft, Author

  • “Kelsey has been a pleasure to work with and has played a huge role in WordBrewery’s growth. One year after she started managing our social media accounts and blog, our Twitter impressions alone jumped 2480%, and our email course with Highbrow continues to have a 50.4% open rate. Kelsey is consistent and repeatedly offers suggestions to strengthen and grow our content and social strategies.”


    Ryan McCarl, CEO of WordBrewery

  • “I hired Kelsey to ‘lighten the load’ during a busy period for my copywriting business. While Kelsey was not the only writer I outsourced to at the time, she stood out for her exceptional service. Even as a brand new writer she was able to draft out some very challenging, technical B2B blogging work lightening-fast and to acceptable standards. She is a very quick learner and responded extremely well to feedback; I have no doubt in her ability to adapt to any client’s writing guidelines. Kelsey is pleasant and easy to work with, and an excellent communicator. She is definitely a ‘rising star’ in the field, and I can highly recommend her to any company or agency looking for fresh copywriting talent.”

    Christie Michelsen, Green Ink Copywriting

  • “Kelsey was great to work with! She made several significant improvements to our website and website content. She really went above and beyond to make sure the final product was in perfect condition! I would definitely recommend working with Kelsey again…if you are looking for someone you can trust will provide a quality product and get the job done, Kelsey is that type of person!”

    Tony Kramer, Founder at SparkStarter, LLC

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